Window Cleaning

You’ve spent thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, on your home.  You’ve spent thousands more on home improvement projects.  Why not add the finishing touch that will set your home aside from the rest on your block? Use Shining Image to make your windows sparkle. We clean both residential and commercial windows and serve the Austin and San Antonio areas.

Benefits to you:

  • More time to spend with family and friends.
  • More time to do the things you enjoy.
  • No more ladders to climb on or fall off.
  • No more wasting money on advertised products that don’t live up to their promises.
  • Send a message to your neighbors that you care about your home and the neighborhood.
  • The satisfaction of knowing your windows were cleaned right.

Other Services

  • Window Screen Cleaning
  • Window Track Cleaning
  • Hardwater Removal

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