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Window Cleaning in Austin

Best, and oldest Window Cleaning company in Austin, Texas

Since 1994, with over 25 years in business, Shining Image offers high quality, and affordable window cleaning services in Austin, San Antonio, Texas, and also all over Utah.

Russell Diaz, the owner, started at the young age of 23 cleaning a local K-Mart. They loved his quality so much that they decided to recommend him to several different big companies. He decided to start cleaning windows for residential customers, starting with his neighbors. 

As the smart person he is, and thanks to hard work and sweat, he’s built a growing customer database of over 10,000 customers in Texas, besides the ones in Utah. ALL of them are loyal customers, and ALL of them use Shining Image every year, annualy, quarterly or every month.

Shining Image also serves 18 schools in Austin, and San Antonio areas, and works with many Property Management Companies. But we have focused on window cleaning services in Austin, and San Antonio.

You can check out our window cleaning prices in Austin, clicking this link.