Renters Warehouse's Work Order Updates

This table is only for the Renters Warehouse's maintenance processors/managers.
Work Order NumberService AddressStatusDate CompletedNotesInvoice Sent? (Y/N)Invoice (if available)Pictures of the job (link)
102724508 Newhall Cv Austin Texas 78746ScheduledN/AScheduled for 07/06/2020 @4 p.m.N
10377410501 Weller Dr Austin Texas 78750SchedulingN/ASchedulingN
ref:_00D36toCP._5003x20GtCk:ref11302 Begonia RockAwaiting Owner's ApprovalN/AEstimate sentNpicture (1)
100463753 Cornflower Court New Braunfels Texas 78130Completed07/01/2020Found a very dirty filter. Tenant said he would by it himself same day. We do not recommend running the system without a filter.N
1007092208 Capulet St Austin Texas 78741SchedulingCalled 07/01. No answer. Called 07/02. No answer.Description: We submitted a maintenance request roughly one month ago about this issue and the technician in charge at the time assumed it was renter's negligence because the AC vent was closed and the ceiling surrounding the vent was the only thing that was damaged because of the water. There is a leak that keeps pouring out of the AC vent from the master bedroom every time it rains outside.N
966005417 Gooding Dr Austin Texas 78744Completed07/01/2020Unclog primary and secondary condensation drain. Total $350 plus taxNdocument
9509612332 Havelock Dr Austin Texas 78759Completed07/03/2020Completed Friday, July 3rd.N
1018375708 Spring Meadow Rd Unit B Austin Texas 78744Awaiting Owner's ApprovalN/AEstimate has been sentNpicture (1)
1021081707 Warrington Way Forney Texas 75126 (Dallas Area)ScheduledN/AGot ahold of the tenant. This has been set for next week, Monday or Tuesday. Have to confirm, depending on tenant's schedule.N
10135811380 Bonham Ranch Rd Dripping Springs Texas 78620Awaiting Owner's ApprovalN/AScheduling. Called tenant. Left voicemail. Will try again.Npicture (1)
1021656806 Wake Forest Ln Austin Texas 78723Completed06/30/2020Condensation drain was clogged. Unclog, diagnose.Ndocument
1000169115 La Siesta Bnd Austin Texas 78749Approved for laterN/AVisited the property June 30th, 2020. Estimate Ready. Total is $1,500.00. Estimate sent.Npicture (1)
101976613 Sparkling Brook Ln Leander Texas 78641Awaiting Owner's ApprovalN/ATotal to trim both the tree and bushes away from sidewalk and driveway would be $595Npicture (1)
966005417 Gooding Dr Austin Texas 78744CompletedN/AMain condensation drain is clogged which is causing the water to divert through the secondary drain that exits by the front of the house onto the driveway. We need to unclog the primary and secondary. Total $350N
9791212902 Odie Ln, Austin 78727Completed06/29/2020Completed. Garbage disposal motor was stuck. Motor cleaning, reset.Ndocument
9600712014 Trianon Ln Austin Texas 78727CompletedN/AScheduled for Monday, July 6thN
90573 8115 Hunters Frst San Antonio Texas 78239SchedulingN/AWaiting on owner to confirm with the technician, Albert, date to receive the dishwasher in place, and do all the repairs at the same time. Albert's phone number is 210-810-7307N
875975708 Spring Meadow Rd, Unit A, Austin 78744Completed06/30/2020Completed June 30th, 2020Ndocument
993333305A Minnie St Austin Texas 78745ScheduledN/AScheduled for Wednesday, July 8thN
100463753 Cornflower Court New Braunfels Texas 78130Completed07/02/2020Completed. Found extremely dirty filters. Advised tenant not to run without filters.N
8272513611 Abraham Lincoln St Manor Texas 78653Completed05/29/2020Unfortunately, part was not found. Maybe not available anymore. Not a priority at the moment, just for aesthetics.Ydocument
ref:_00D36toCP._5003x1zggNa:ref11302 Begonia Rock San Antonio Texas 78245Completed06/30/2020CompletedNdocument
1020142617 Witsome Loop Unit 46C Austin TX 78741SchedulingN/ACalled the tenant 06/30/2020 around 11:30 a.m. No response. Still trying to schedule. Called 07/01. No answer. Called 07/02 no answer.N
8780712022 Agnew Rdg San Antonio Texas 78254SchedulingN/ATrying to schedule. Found vent technician, now trying to set a schedule for him to check it out.N
1018576421 Panadero Cv Austin Texas 78747ScheduledN/ATechnician is at place in this moment, fixing the leak in kitchen sink and master bedroom. Total for both $400N
936441112 Valerie Cv Round Rock Texas 78665Completed06/25/2020Completed. Crew went back to complete the cleaning.Ndocument
92303210 Lavaca St Apt 2808 Austin Texas 78701Completed06/30/2020Completed on 06/30/2020Ndocument
9662715305 Lady Elizabeth Ln Pflugerville Texas 78660Partly scheduled | Partly schedulingN/AAppliance technician went to the property, ice maker is working properly. He checked the stove. It needs a new gas valve, because it's broken. Factory does not sell or produce it anymore. Our technician has one available, original. Total, materials plus labor is $465 plus taxes. Handyman has been trying to call the tenant to assess the rest of the items, and put an estimate together, but tenants have not answered his calls. Last call attempt done on 06/30/2020 afternoon.N
983058100 N Madrone Trl Austin Texas 78737ScheduledN/ASpoke to tenant, she sent the tech a picture of the UV light so he could find the bulb for it, and replace it in one trip.N
96496238 Dark Forrest, Kyle 78640Completed06/30/2020Job completed on June 30th, 2020N