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Hey there! The fact that you are here could mean many things. It depends. We probably have paid a considerable amount of money just to get you to click the link for this page. So, please, allow us 5 minutes of your time to see if we might be a good fit for you.

Do you feel identified with any of the following situations?

  • You are a facilities manager, manager, or in a managing position that allows you to decide when, how, and who cleans the building where your business (or the business that you work for).
  • You are a restaurant owner. You wake up early every single day to prepare the food that you will be cooking during the day. Cooking is your passion, it’s your life. But, because of that, you barely have time to clean thoroughly every single thing in the kitchen (behind and under the stoves, ovens, etc… you know what I’m talking about)
  • You are a real estate agent, you work with a property management company and you deal with commercial properties. The owner has asked you to find someone who can take care of the maintenance for the building, so you’ve decided to click here and see what do we offer.
  • You are a property manager, have a commercial property that needs maintenance often, and are looking for a 1-stop vendor that can take care of all your needs.
  • You are a commercial property owner, and you want someone to take care of the maintenance needs.
  • You already have a cleaning service, but you are not satisified with their quality or speed anymore. They have probably neglected some of the things that were estipulated in the contract, and you are looking for other options.
  • You already have a cleaning service, and you are satisfied with them, but there’s a hole in your pockets, they won’t budge on their price, and you’re looking for a more affordable cleaning service, but that can provide the same quality.
  • You KNOW somebody that is in one of these positions, and you’re looking for a company that might be a good option for them.

If you felt identified with any of the above, you are at the right place. Let us show you some of the perks that come with using Shining Image as your go-to cleaning service.

Why Choose Shining Image?

There are many excellent reasons to trust Shining Image to take care of the cleaning.


  • Over 150,000 jobs successfully completed.
  • Company first established in 1994 (+27 years of experience).
  • Over $1M indemnity insurance policy.
  • Licensed, Bonded, and Insured.

Our staff isn’t just offered a job here and there, or an odd job. They are provided with a serious career. We don’t hire transient workers. We hand pick, and interview the most trustworthy staff, and provide them with training to keep up with our service quality.


  • Dramatically reduces dust mite populations and alleviates allergies.
  • Ionise, anti-bacterial and HEPA filters standard on every clean.
  • Air cleaning of particles and contaminants down to 30 microns in size.

We utilize advanced equipment to clean your indoors environment more thoroughly, thereby improving the quality of the air you and your staff breathe. 

We use modern equipment to clean your building


  • Organised professionals who are responsive.
  • Intelligent and detailed job sheet system, which you can access online, and see wha we’re doing live.
  • Full-service family cleaning company – no middlemen – no franchising.
  • 24/7 Service.

Our manager of operations is extremely responsive, organized, helpful, and dependable. It doesn’t matter if a pipe bursts at 3:30 a.m. Rest assured our team will handle the maintenance in an excellent way, treating you as our most important customer.

We use checklists. We have a supervisor that checks quality of service.

REASON #4. Purity – YOUR Health

  • We utilize non-toxic cleaning products, pet friendly, cancer friendly, allergy friendly, and friendly friendly.
  • Our strict hygiene policy keeps you and your loved ones safe.
  • Microfibre clothes and mop heads cleaned every day, and replaced as needed.

We are dedicated to improving the health of your work, office, building environment with our strict non-toxic policy. Our serviced reduce pollutant levels both inside and outside your building, offering valuable benefits that go well beyond a traditional commercial clean.

REASON #5.Our Customers – YOUR Peace Of Mind

“I totally recommend Shining Image. They’ve been our go-to cleaning service for over 7 years now. They clean, daily, our 18 daycare centers all around Austin, and we couldn’t be more satisfied”


Rhonda Paver

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BONUS REASON (#6). YOUR budget will be respected and taken care of – ZERO whining.

We all have a budget for something. Facility managers, real estate agents, restaurant owners, building owners… you all have a budget to maintain your building. And if a company starts messing with that, well…. it’s pretty much over, isn’t it? It is hard to find a company that will try to adapt to your budget without crying. Yeah, crying and whining. Well, we won’t. If your budget to clean the building is $1000/month,  we’ll do it for $900/month or even less if possible. And it won’t jeopardize the quality of service. We’ll offer you a detailed price sheet with all the scope of work. Trivial things we’ll do, even if it’s not in the contract. As we said… no whining.

BONUS REASON (#7). YOU will have an organized, communicative, reliable, and fast cleaning team.

If you want to know what’s going on with the cleaning, what has been done today, yesterday, or last month… no worries. We have it all in our system. A system that you have access to. Not only that, but you will be able to get ahold of our maintenance supervisor at any time, any day. We are well organized, and we know you want to know everything NOW. Our maintenance supervisor will always be communicative with the facility manager. And if problems arise (that’s very normal), you will be able to talk with him directly. Even with the owner, if necessary.

janitorial positions


Before and after picture of stripping and wax process

Commercial Floor Cleaning and Maintenance

Floor cleaning, stripping, waxing, grout cleaning. You floors will look shinier than ever. Our floor cleaning services have taken many supermarkets to win cleanliness awards in Utah and Texas. Would you like having your floors shining? Well, how about you give us a try, for free, in one of your main rooms, or halls? Give it a try!

Before and after picture of stripping and wax process

Commercial Power / Pressure Washing

Power washing the surroundings of your building. No need for unnecessary charges here. Pressure washing is not a daily thing, as it could damage surfaces. We do this every time you REALLY need it, and will give you a price upfront, so we can agree on a price. As stated before, we adapt to your budget.

Before and after picture of stripping and wax process

Industrial, Commercial, and High-Rise Window Cleaning

It looks expensive, doesn't it? Well, it's not. First, because we have a lot of competition. We have to keep it real. Second, because we don't like to overcharge out customers. We can use boom lifts or, if you have a 100 story skyscraper, believe us, we know our ways with high-rise window cleaning (we cleaned the Facebook building in Austin like this). Oh, forgot to tell you that we use our oun non-toxic cleaning solution to clean windows. So we're not only friendly with your pockets, but with the environment too.

Before and after picture of stripping and wax process

General Maintenance and Custodian Services

Someone in your company had a bad day. Maybe he or she ate something they shouldn't have. Maybe the pizza from the company party was too cheesy, and... splat! They throw up. Who do you call? Do you really want to mess with that? No worries. That's why you use us. Maybe you spilled coffee on the desk. Well, we can't save your important documents, but we can make it look as if nothing happened. Or maybe you go to the bathroom, and one of the light bulbs is out. Small things like these, Shining Image takes care of for no extra fee.

janitor cleaning the floor

We cover:

  • emergency repairs (tasks that need to be done asap to remove a safety risk, attend to physical damage done to the building, repair a fault that is causing a heavy disruption to one of the utility services)
  • high-priority tasks (tasks that need to be done in a few days so the issues do not turn into a safety or security risk and continue causing a lot of inconvenience for the people inside the building)
  • medium-priority tasks (includes the majority of routine maintenance tasks that are done on a weekly or monthly basis)
  • low-priority tasks (includes maintenance work that can be done months down the line, whenever the resources are available)
  • deferred maintenance tasks (these are often low or medium-priority tasks that are moved to a deferred maintenance backlog because of budget or time constraints)

How YOU keep track of the work

Maybe other companies do this… but we don’t think so! Most companies just do whatever the contract says. No checklists, no system, no communication…

What about us? Down here you can see a sample of one of our checklists. If you read it carefully, you will be able to tell how many checklists we actually have for quality control.

These checklists will be available to you at any time, online, or physically (if requested). 

shining image checklist page 1
shining image checklist page 2

Besides this, we use a comfortable software for your convenience. You will be able to check where each project is at, when is it expected to be completed, who is the person to contact in regards to it, and MUCH MORE information. 

janitorial software