Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Windows are counted as 1 each for every set of single hung/slider or fixed window.  Sometimes windows will have a slider with a fixed window right next to it or two sliders right next to each other.  Below are examples and how we would count every example. 

  • Arch: 1 window
  • Arch Slider: 2 windows
  • Arch Fix: 2 windows
  • Slider Fix: 2 windows
  • Casement fix: 2 windows
  • Rectangular slider: 2 windows
  • Single Hung: 1 each or 2 next to each other as shown in picture
  • Single Hung Fix: 2 windows
  • Fix: 1 window
  • Bay window: 3 window
  • Slider: 1 window
  • Door Window: 1 window
  • Sliding Glass Doors: 2 windows
  • French Cut Windows: (The grid is on the outside of glass and requires cleaning of each small square) Needs an estimate first. 
  • Storm Windows: (Windows that have several panes in between that must be cleaned as well.  Usually they come apart inside the home) = Needs an estimate first.

Yes, we can reach most windows up to 30 feet.  Anything higher will need to be looked at prior to job to determine if we can reach.  We have adjustable ladders that can handle sloped lots and uneven terrain.

Each window is professionally hand done with a strip washer and squeegee.  We use a nontoxic safe solution.  We have special chemicals for hard water removal.  We use extension ladders or poles to reach all windows.  We remove the screen and clean the glass then returning the screen back to its original position.  No hoses or spray washing. 

Screens: Screens are hand scrubbed or pressure washed depending on the amount of dirt.  Hand or air dried before returning to window. 

Tracks:  Windows are opened and cleaned by hand in the bottom track grooves of each window.  This is done with brushes, vacuums, rags, whatever is needed to get them clean. 

Our window cleaning specials include Basic Cleaning of just the glass inside and out of every home.  We will clean up any water on the ledges particularly on the inside of the home.  We do offer additional cleaning; screens/tracks can be cleaned for an additional $2/each. 

Yes, most mirrors are counted as single windows.  Shower doors will count as one to 3 windows depending on size. 

Anything that can be moved before we come is appreciated but not required.  Usually we can work around or move furniture as we clean.  We do ask that anything fragile or valuable be moved prior to our coming. 

Yes, we will need to look at the light when we come to determine the price and confirm if we can reach it.  Prices typically vary depending on size from $5-$50 each. 

Gutters are measured by the linear/running foot.  Current special price is $1/ft.  This means the length of the gutter.  If downspouts are clogged then they are measured as well. 

Depending on what is in the gutters we may hand scoop them out, pressure wash them, or hose them out.  We try to bag up most of the debris so that it is not left all over your home and yard.  We do whatever is necessary to clear and clean them thoroughly.  Additionally, we may have to pull apart downspouts in order to clear debris that is clogging the system.  We also offer gutter repair and gutter screens, this will require an estimate. 

$50/hr.  (Technician can estimate time needed after arriving)

Typical driveway takes 1-2 hours depending on how dirty. 

Home exteriors, patios, sidewalks need to be looked at first to determine price. Unless you take advantage of our “Clean your Driveway, Sidewalk FREE” special.