Residential and Commercial Disinfection

Residential and Commercial Disinfection Services

Does your process get rid of viruses/bacterias, including Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

YES! Our chemicals will kill Coronavirus pathogens, and more.  We will supply lab documentation with your service!

Our chemicals are very effective for killing pathogens (bacteria, virus) without the cost and time to hand scrub large areas like schools, gyms, or workplace.  They are delivered in a mist form that covers all surfaces (hard or soft) without harm to goods or any toxic residue.  Cost savings are realized because one equipped person can sanitize large areas in record time but still deliver a highly-effective sanitizing program.  Also, they are effective against SARS, Bird Flu, MERS and Coronavirus viruses (including the actual COVID-19).
In addition, while other sanitizing products add harsh chemicals to the building, Decon Five neutralizes chemical residue, kills mold, viruses, bacterias and cleans the air at the same time.
We know that the best sanitizing effort is compromised as soon as people, workers, or students return.  Because of the efficiency of the application process, the service can be applied nightly until the infection cycle is broken.  This reduces absenteeism, medical claims, and reduces the cost of labor to sanitize the workplace or school.
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Discover the power of our chemicals! Regardless of the products you use, our chemicals will do the job thoroughly.  Our chemicals are perfect for:
  • 7 log Sanitizing and Infection Control (including coronavirus)
  • Odor Removal
  • Mold Remediation
  • Duct sanitizing
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Reduce and Eliminate VOCs
Will not stain or bleach – Does not leave toxic residue – Destroys Biofilm – Has a pleasant smell, unlike other chemicals.
Ozone is now outdated, most cleaning products are dangerous and generally work for specific problems.  Our secret formula is a single solution for remediation service because it solves a vast array of environmental issues, without hurting or damaging anything or anyone.
30% of homes and 80% of buildings have poor indoor air quality, and face latent concerns for enforcement action.  In addition, employee absenteeism and medical claims eat away at profits and company productivity.